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Meet Chris

As a 35-year Lincolnite, I come from a family with deep roots in Lincoln, Nebraska. My wife Alisha and I live in an older neighborhood in Lincoln, and have seven children and one grandchild. My mother, who grew up just blocks from our home, was in the first full graduating class at Lincoln Southeast in 1959, and went on to be a successful 4-term county treasurer. My father, a retired pilot and Air Force Major General, is an Omaha native — he met my mother at UNL in the 1960s.

My appreciation for Lincoln stems from its great assets: strong faith base, Midwestern values, excellent work ethic, solid middle class, vibrant companies, affordable living. The city is a safe and comfortable place for my wife and seven children to live and call home. My main drivers are my faith, family, and aviation. I firmly believe local elections are crucial to the foundation of America, and the only vote we have to make a real change.

Why I'm Running

Lincoln has an unusual lack of airline service for a city with a population approaching 300,000. Access to transportation is a key tenet to a city’s success. In the 1980s and 90s, when Lincoln’s population was 192,000, we had numerous airlines serving multiple cities using mainline aircraft such as 727s, 737s, and even 757s. Now with a population approaching 300,000, the Lincoln airline service has stagnated to just one regional airline with only seven flights a day, to three cities. The lack of air service hinders our citizens from traveling, and our local businesses and universities from thriving. In comparison, neighboring peer midwestern cities with roughly half our population have five airlines and 20+ flights a day. It seems as if Lincoln has accepted defeat and has changed its habits to accommodate the new unacceptable normal.

The bottom line is: Whatever Lincoln has been doing is NOT WORKING. The state of transportation in our city is in full crisis. I am running for Lincoln Airport Authority Board because Lincoln needs an experienced business and aviation industry professional with the passion to turn the tide, change the habits, and make real changes. I know both Lincoln and the airline industry firsthand, and I have the passion to go out and procure air service in Lincoln and bring global and major airlines to our great city.

Campaign Goals:

  1. Achieve regular air service from three global airlines (i.e., United, Delta, American) to Lincoln by 2028. In order to achieve this goal, the approach to attracting major airlines to Lincoln needs to be radically changed.  Lincoln is ready for service expansion with its new terminal upgrade and the recently passed constitutional amendment allowing us to incentivize airlines with public funds.
  2. Attract logistics/air cargo sorting facilities from major provider(s) like UPS, FedEx, Amazon, DHL to Lincoln Airport’s west side.  Lincoln’s central national location, long runways, ample ramp and hangar space, and rail access make it a perfect sorting point for any logistics company.
  3. Encourage investment into the airport’s west side industrial park. With the help of incentives and reasonable lease terms on its ample sites, this industry friendly location has the potential to become a vibrant hub in Lincoln. Additional incentives should also be given to industry and local companies to build and thrive using LAA land and infrastructure.
  4. Continue to support corporate and military tenants with friendly policy.  Opportunities for new aircraft business and military units to become tenants should also be created.
  5. Enable and encourage the growth of general aviation through reasonable and smart and reasonable minimum standards.  General aviation specific operating areas with additional T-hangars and ramp space should be developed, and smart minimum standards and leasing practices to encourage the building of additional highly sought-after corporate hangars should be provided.

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Chris Stokes for Lincoln Airport Authority

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